Little Known Ways To Having A Happy Postpartum Period

In Singapore, the postpartum period is considered to be a crucial season of a woman’s life that has lifetime implications for her health and well-being. Postpartum care practices also known as confinement practices are often passed down through many generations.

Postpartum care primarily consists of external, internal, and psychological or mental care. External care concerns the visible body and entails issues such as coping with changes in body shape, and activities such as breastfeeding. Internal care refers to dealing with issues such as fatigue, body pains, post-delivery cramps, or digestion problems. Mental care concerns coping with emotional swings. Issues like anxiety, hormonal changes, and self-esteem issues.

For a new mother to have a happy postpartum period these three aspects must be taken care of and here’s how you can do that.

Eat Confinement Foods

A convenient way is to order confinement food catering in Singapore. After all, there are plenty of Chinese confinement food providers who can sort you out on that.

Confinement food menus have been tested over the centuries and are proven to be nutritious, revitalizing, and energizing to new mothers.

Some ingredients such as Chinese Wolfberry, Dried Longan, and Ginseng are commonly used to brew warm drinks that are known to boost the production of breast milk, revitalize the body, counter depression and boost your immune system and must be the part of ultimate postnatal diet.

If you are breastfeeding, you don’t have to worry about weight gain during this time. Breastfeeding actually helps to lose weight. When you breastfeed, you use about additional 500 kcal a day.

Have Ample Rest

Chinese and Indian confinement rules have strict requirements for the mother to remain rested as much as possible and to some extent even restrict them to rest in the bed all the time.

Rest is necessary but should not be taken to the extreme. While you should leave all the strenuous activity to your partner or the confinement nanny, some gentle exercise is actually helpful to your recovery. Gentle activity such as walking or a few yoga stretches will aid blood flow, healing of the uterus, and restoration of your shape. They are all a part of postnatal exercise you can try. Just be sure to consult your doctor first before you try any exercises.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Childbirth can be an earth-shattering experience for mothers that often leaves them weakened not just physically but also in their immune system.

Therefore, you can pay attention to hygiene especially when you have visitors coming over. Also, you can ask your confinement nanny to ensure that your environment is kept hygienic to prevent infections.

Join A Supportive Community

Being a part of a supportive group can be beneficial for postpartum recovery. Spend time communicating with other moms and your loved ones. If you are not sure about something, ask questions, get recommendations for confinement food menus, and talk about your emotions.

Talking with others is the best way to keep anxiety and postpartum depression at bay.

Spoil Yourself with a Postnatal Massage

This is not essential to having a happy postpartum period but it’s amazing on your body and mind. Moreover, it stimulates blood flow and the immune system.

You must have heard of the benefits of postnatal massage. Indian and Malay confinement rules practice it and many new moms claim it to be highly soothing and relaxing. So, go ahead and schedule yourself an appointment because you deserve a good rest.

These tips may seem like nothing much, but they are simple to do and beneficial in the postpartum period. But most importantly, they are very helpful in making a smoother journey for new mothers.