How To Be Well-Prepared When Your Confinement Nanny Leaves

Every motherhood tends to start with a crying baby, numerous sleepless nights, lactation obstacles, water retention, body aches and soreness, and many more. To make a smoother transition into the first few weeks after childbirth, most of the families would hire a confinement nanny to help them in taking care of the mother and the newborn. But! Nannies are not here to stay forever. Their service generally lasts around one month only. This situation left mummies feeling lost and helpless after their confinement period. Well, there are several solutions and preparations you are able to make to be ready.

Learn and Practice Early

It’s no surprise that some new parents may see their confinement nannies like angels. The nannies take care of their babies, prepare confinement meals for the mummies, and most importantly, they have all the knowledge and experience on how to take care and handle newborns. Why do babies cry in the middle of the night? What time should you change the diapers? How many times a day do you need to feed your baby? These are just some of the things that you wouldn’t know without experienced help! 

PEM confinement nannies are well-trained and experienced in baby care. Hence, it would be a great idea for you and your husband to start learning from your nanny as soon as possible while she is still around. Practice makes perfect, you may spend your whole confinement period to gradually learn about your newborn routine from your nanny. This would help you to be more prepared when your nanny leaves.

Prepare For Night Time Baby Care

Confinement nannies are trained to take care of your baby during the days and nights of your confinement period, so that you are able to rest well for the whole month. But things change after they leave! You will need to cope with feeding and taking care of your baby in the middle of the night. This is one of the major reasons that young parents are always sleep deprived and exhausted.

You can try to establish a baby sleep schedule by keeping your baby alert and active in the daytime and create a calmer atmosphere in the evening, so they can sleep longer. Furthermore, you can try to understand your baby’s sleep patterns and take turns with your husband, so both of you are able to sleep more at night. If your baby can’t sleep well at night, you may try to do a relaxing massage for your baby, this would help to improve the baby’s sleeping quality.

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Emphasize on Teamwork with Your Husband

Here comes the last tip! Babies are gifts from heaven, and parents are blessed with the wonderful life experience of growing together with their babies. In this process, it’s  normal for parents to have disagreements, especially when both want the best for their child in different ways. 

It’s important for you to discuss and communicate with your husband in order to arrange the baby care methods and baby schedule that work best for the both of you and your baby. Having teamwork is always better than going it alone, so it’s always a good idea to communicate with your spouse and family members. Sometimes, having the right baby essentials will help make baby care easier too. You can visit MumChecked for all the best deals.

Beginning a new phase in life is always difficult, but things will eventually get better as you adjust and adapt. While it’s important to trust yourself and get support from your loved ones, a professional and experienced nanny from PEM can help you with a smoother transition from confinement period.

You are doing great as a mum, and you can do even better with trusted guide and support. As challenging as baby care may be, soon things will eventually get easier! Hang in there mommy!

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