How Massages Can Promote Your Baby’s Wellbeing

Massage is a therapy that has the ability to calm your tense nerves, promote blood circulation and leave you feeling relaxed. The effect in babies is even more significant than in adults. A wailing baby can calm down the moment you pick her up. She will feel secure, at ease and warm. Preterm babies are given body massages while in the neonatal units to facilitate growth and the development of major organs.

Massages for babies are not only relaxing but also has medical benefits. However, if not administered correctly, it may result in negative conditions. Do not even start giving your baby the massage if you have no idea how to go about doing it. You can seek help from a specialist who can teach you or perform the massages whenever needed.

The practice is not new, especially in Asian countries. It has gained popularity and spread to other countries due to the benefits that babies enjoy from a full body massage. Here are some ways a massage will promote your child’s well being:

Better sleep
When you give the baby a body massage, you will notice improved sleep patterns. The child’s body will feel more relaxed due to improved blood circulation. The baby’s system will fight germs better and faster than when awake. This happens due to the release of cytokines. proteins which help the body to fight germs. Adequate sleep for children also helps promote growth. If your baby woke up one day and she looked bigger and heavier, you could have made an accurate observation. The baby’s growth hormones are released during sleep. Therefore, if you want your child to grow faster, a body massage could be your answer.

Enhances security
During the massage, there is physical touch between the baby and mother. Touch is an essential component of a baby’s development. Your infant may not understand when you talk to her. However, physical touch speaks a million words to your baby. Through touch, your baby will feel at peace, comfortable and secure. The child will develop a sense of security. It will also create a bond between the two of you.

Promotes neurological development
Massaging your baby will promote the production of the myelin, a coating of the axon. This substance forms an electrical insulation and sends messages to the nerve cells. The massage will accelerate the forming of the myelin, making your baby’s neurological development better.

Relieves discomfort
Babies communicate discomfort through crying and fussiness. The child may not know how to tell you when their diapers are wet, they are feeling hungry or having stomach upsets. She can only do so by crying. One of the ways of relieving discomfort associated with stomach upsets is through massages.

You will help the baby release accumulated gases and improve digestion. If the baby is fussy, the touch will stimulate blood circulation and help her to calm down. Babies also get discomfort due to nasal congestions. The massage will ease the congestion and promote the well being of your baby.

It’s time you gave your baby an opportunity to enjoy a full body massage. You can hire the best confinement nanny Singapore to help you out if you are not sure how to go about performing it. Take a keen interest when the nanny is doing it so that you can learn. But if you have the skill, you could start doing it yourself. Soon, you will see your baby transforming from a cranky and fussy baby to a bubbly and happy one.

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