How Herbal Showers Benefits Your Confinement?

We understand new mothers. You have the impression that your life is no longer about you. Everything is now centred on the baby. It has become a matter of keeping an eye on the new family member, noting how much sleep they receive and how frequently they go to the bathroom. Furthermore, you are adhering to strict confinement measures while still mending from your post-birth wounds. You might think that relaxing is the last thing you’ll want to do after giving birth, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it! In fact, it is what you deserve to be doing above everything else.

According to Chinese confinement norms, it is widely known that a new mother should not take a shower or wash her hair while in confinement. While you are allowed to practise anything you choose, some mothers decide to break this particular ‘rule’. 

This is simply because going through confinement does not imply adhering to a list of prohibited activities and regulations. It can sometimes also refer to relaxing and revitalising activities, like enjoying a postnatal massage every now and then or even taking a confinement herbal bath which happens to be a popular activity among new mothers…especially in this day and age and in Singapore’s humid environment. 

Following this component of traditional confinement practices might result in skin irritation, rashes, and, in the worst-case scenario, inflammations. Your body will create a lot of perspiration during and after birth, so not showering is essentially an encouragement for the bacteria to spread and multiply.

In addition to that, under TCM principles, postnatal mothers are undeniably more vulnerable to ‘wind’ after giving delivery. This is possibly why moms were not recommended to shower back when there was limited access to clean and warm bath water. However, we have seen a number of technical improvements.

You can, in fact, keep yourself warm during your confinement by going to the bathroom. Aside from enveloping yourself in a big blanket, another option is to take a herbal bath during confinement. This bath has been used for decades to assist mothers’ blood circulation and facilitate the recuperation process during labour.

Benefits of Herbal Showers

Ginger, blumea balsamifera (da feng ai / sembong), cymbopogon citratus (lemon grass), and vitex negundo (Chinese chaste tree) are all common bath herbs that have been utilised for many generations to cure and prevent various health conditions. These herbs will be cooked before being added to the bathing water. A decent herbal bath is usually made at a higher temperature, and you should not stay in it for too long. You already know that anything herbal is beneficial to your health, but you have no idea why. Relax and listen as we explain why!

Dispelling ‘Wind’

In Chinese culture, it is believed that during childbirth, you lost your ‘qi’ (energy), causing your body to be cold most of the time. You lost a lot of sweat in addition to blood during your delivery. It is thought that you are more susceptible to catching ‘wind’ in your body. As a result, you may become easily fatigued and drained after engaging in activities.

Disease Risks are Reduced

The herbs used in the bath have been shown to combat diseases such as fever, arthritis, and rheumatism. Some of these diseases strike you later in life – and prevention is always preferable to cure!

Increases Blood Circulation

This is especially important for you because of the large amount of blood you lost during your delivery. After childbirth, your uterus will continue to expel blood, tissue, and mucus for a period of time. As a result, it is critical that you take extra precautions to replenish your blood in order to boost your immunity. Consuming iron-rich foods is one method, but taking a herbal bath can also help your body’s healing process.

Reduces Birth Pain

It will reduce vaginal swellings and inflammation of swollen, irritated tissue in your private area! It can also relieve breast pain and aid in the healing of haemorrhoids. Your body will suffer as a result of the weight you have carried throughout your pregnancy. Herbal baths can help treat and strengthen your aching muscles and joints. Why wouldn’t you say yes to everything?

Reduces Stress and Relaxation

Herbal baths are popular in many cultures, whether for postnatal mothers or anyone else. Many spas and hotels offer relaxing packages that include herbal baths for unwinding and stress relief. It is very common for new mothers to experience overwhelming stress, so relaxing in a soothing herbal bath is a great way to deal with this problem because it does not require a lot of energy.

Closing words

Because your body can absorb the benefits of medicinal herbs externally, your confinement period is an excellent time to incorporate more herbs into your daily routine aside from your meals. According to one study, if you do not properly care for your body after childbirth, it will be much more difficult to regain your strength in the future.

With that, we hope you walk away from here today understanding more about the benefits of a confinement herbal bath. If you’d like to know more or read a confinement herbal bath review from some mummies we’ve served, you could do so from our social media channels. Similarly, you could add on some well-received confinement herbal package Singapore mummies love with our PEM confinement nanny packages from our homepage.