How do I Get The Best Confinement Nanny Service?

          If someone asks you to define a good confinement nanny, how would you answer them? This is, without doubts, a subjective question with no definite answer. Everyone is looking for something different in the person they hire. And so do you. That is why not everyone will deem a certain confinement nanny as good for them, even when describing or reviewing the same person.

          Here’s what you need to do before defining what makes a good nanny to you. Reflect on your lifestyle and list your preferences in a person. If having good manners or holding similar principles are important for you, you may include them in the list as well. Next, sort out your priorities. Which one comes first; your birth recovery, your newborn’s care, or the condition of your house? Put them in order and make sure your confinement nanny will refer to and follow them accordingly. Then, you will be able to get a confinement nanny that can fit in well with your desired lifestyle after birth. This is not to let you filter out the nannies, but rather to help you pinpoint aspects that you can or are not willing to compromise on. 

          Based on everything you have written down, set and write out certain boundaries or clear instructions as a guide for them to follow. Do not feel bad as this is very common and it does not make you a fussy mother as you are simply helping them to perform their task straightforwardly.

What can I expect of a confinement nanny?

          First off, you should be clear with what a confinement nanny will do for you. Her main job scope revolves around the mother and newborn care. For some confinement nannies, they also take care of the household to some extent. A CL mainly gives guidance and cares for you and your newborn. She would prepare daily confinement meals for you and performs care duties for your baby such as bathing, feeding, changing their diapers, and putting them to sleep. If you are keen on breastfeeding, your CL should be able to guide and stay by your side through it all. 

          A CL normally has basic knowledge regarding confinement diet and proper food ingredients for new mothers. Because your nanny has possibly dealt with many new mothers and infants before, they would have a lot of experience that they can apply to you. If food is an important aspect to you, you may highlight this part to your confinement nanny as well.

What issues may arise after hiring a confinement lady and how do I deal with it?

          One of the issues faced by new moms with their confinement nanny is that the CL is too fixated on one job, e.g. cooking and preparing meals. This makes the mom feels like she hired a confinement food chef instead of a nanny who can look after her and baby. In such situations, make it clear that your newborn comes first before anything else. 

Set your priorities in order as mentioned above. Below is one example you could copy and modify accordingly:Confinement nanny’s task (from high priority to low):
1) Tend to baby’s needs (especially when they cry)
2) Take care of mother’s confinement care, like preparing meals
3) Complete house chores (living room’s floor to be mopped once a week)
4) Run errands
This way, you are not only helping yourself but also the nanny who will perform these duties.

          Next, new mothers who hire a CL have faced the problem of having different ideas on how the confinement period should go. A confinement nanny often wishes the mother would stick to traditional practices. However, most moms nowadays are not really keen on strictly following a particular practice. 


The best way to resolve this issue is by preventing it from happening in the first place. If you could, meet the confinement nanny beforehand and learn their behaviour and principle. Again, this is not a reason for you to dismiss one confinement nanny after another. Instead, learn how you two can compromise on which practices you are willing to do and which ones are you going to ignore. Once everything is out in the open, make sure you have reached a proper agreement with the CL in regards to everything.

How to be sure I can get the right confinement nanny?

          Until the day you have them in your house and their service commences, there is really no way of knowing! Up until now, we have provided you with several ways you could prevent having a bad experience with your confinement nanny. You could stick closely to our tips and advice to increase your chance of getting the best confinement nanny!

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          In short, you have to figure out what is the biggest concern you have, be it about yourself or your baby. You can find a CL that is specifically known for performing well in those areas. If you are still unsure, talk to your partner. Being the closest person to you, they should know which life aspects you need help with the most and will be able to help you figure it out. You can also refer to confinement nanny recommendation Singapore from moms just like you share. However, you should not depend solely on their recommendations since everyone’s preferences differ. You can also get a recommendation from the people who know you well. This ensures that the CL they recommend will be able to meet your needs!

          Finding a perfect confinement nanny is impossible because no person is perfect. Unless they have built a robot that can perform the task of a confinement nanny who can also be motherly at the same time, to err is human. However, a good confinement nanny will make your postnatal experience a memory you will want to keep reliving. In that sense, your confinement nanny IS perfect for you.