Foods To Avoid In Your Diet During Confinement Period

During the confinement period, women should take extra care of themselves as they are still in the recovery phase. In Singapore, women usually follow a common practice where women usually rest for a month and adhere to a certain diet. New mothers have to keep to a specific diet as a good diet speeds up the recovery time for the body.

Remember that the diet taken by a mother is usually transferred to the child via the milk when they feed them. This makes it very important for a mother to consume a good diet.

Below, is a list of foods that a new mother should stay away from.

  1. Seafood

Seafood contains high levels of mercury, which can cause gastric distress and brain damages. However, not all seafood is bad for you. Most seafood has a high level of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, which is especially good for new mothers. But this doesn’t change the fact that there are certain foods to stay away from. Some of these include swordfish, tuna, king mackerels, and sharks, as they are poisonous.

  1. Caffeine

Beverages containing caffeine should be avoided at all costs. They can cause a serious reaction to the new mother and baby. Since caffeine takes more time to digest, the baby can develop digestive problems. It goes without saying that alcohol should not be consumed as well. The alcohol can pass through the breast milk to the baby causing palpitations, insomnia and liver problems to the infant.

  1. Cold water

As much as you like cold water, you should avoid it as cold water can cause water retention issues. Confinement mothers are recommended to drink red dates tea instead.

  1. Raw foods

Raw foods can produce wind in the body of the mother, and this might lead to arthritis in the future. It is always best to stay away from cold and raw vegetables like watercress, cucumbers and cabbages. Since the woman’s body is still in the recovery phase, eating these cold foods can slow the healing time for the mother.

  1. Spicy foods

Spicy foods can lead to hemorrhoids and constipation. If you want to avoid unwanted gastric problems, it is time to bid farewell to the spicy foods as they may only lead to problems. Furthermore, it may cause a shift in your newborn’s reaction.

  1. High salt content

During the third trimester the woman’s body contains a lot of water and consuming foods that are high in salt will only make matters worse. Common foods that new mothers take in comprises of canned food like pasta, soup, beans, breakfast cereals and so on.

If you are a new mother you should avoid these foods at all costs. After delivery, the body of the woman is fragile and is more prone to sickness. Therefore, for a faster recovery, it is always better to stay away from these foods and eat a healthy diet only. Order Chinese confinement food in Singapore and make sure to hire a professional confinement nanny to help you during this period of time.

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