Confinement Nanny’s Duties That Revolve Around the Mother


Whether you are a first-time parent or experienced one, when the due date is approaching, your focus will almost 100% shift to your newborn. Even after birth, it will take some time for a mother to start getting on the track of her own postpartum recovery because understandably, parents will be completely occupied with their newborn at this time. However, as a mother, you should be prioritised just as much as you prioritise your baby. 

When it comes to a confinement nanny, many parents think her daily duties should only be focused on your little one. This is not entirely wrong, but it also neglects the crucial aspect of a confinement nanny’s role where she is supposed to help take care of a postpartum mom as well. She will change your baby’s diapers, burp them, put them to sleep, and overtake the nighttime feeding duties off both you and your spouse’s shoulders. 

Getting help is one of the best ways you could ensure ample rest for yourself, and that is why many parents opt for a confinement nanny especially if they have come across a particularly helpful confinement nanny agency review. The problem is, many often overlook the significance of a confinement nanny in a postpartum recovery journey. Yes, mommies, your confinement nanny is supposed to help you too!

Excluding their responsibilities towards your newborn, here are some of the basic duties of confinement nannies that are meant to help you in confinement:

Prepare Your Daily Confinement Meals

This goes without saying, but confinement meals are not the same as your typical everyday meals. They are made to be nutritious and contain ample nutrients to boost your postpartum recovery. While our confinement nannies are already chefs in their own home, they still receive extensive cooking training specifically to cook up food for mothers in confinement.

Our nannies are trained with basic Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge so that they are able to prepare tonic, drinks, soups, and more with the incorporation of suitable herbs a postpartum mom needs to speed up her healing internally.

Prepare Your Herbal Bath

If you observe the traditional confinement practices, you are probably familiar with the ‘rule’ of not showering for the whole month. Understandably, you may not be too keen on following this one if you live in a humid, tropical country. That is why many postpartum mothers in Singapore choose to take a warm shower daily and perhaps wash their hair every other day. The better option, of course, is to take a bath with herbal bathwater.

Of course, your confinement nanny can take care of it too!

Guide You When Breastfeeding

Nursing, albeit sweet, can be a challenging routine. It can take a while before your baby gets the grasp on breastfeeding and successfully latch on to your breast. On top of that, you may have to deal with various breastfeeding issues that are not particularly pleasant to experience such as breast engorgement and blocked milk ducts. If you have been lurking around maternity shops – even online ones like MumChecked – you may have noticed the abundant amount of products that are dedicated to helping moms resolve such issues.

Our confinement nannies are trained to not only provide mental support for mothers while breastfeeding but also to help you overcome these issues successfully. Among other solutions, did you know that cabbage leaves can also help in relieving breast engorgement? Our nannies did!  

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Keep You Company

Motherhood can feel lonely at times. You may feel like you are the only person who understands how hard it is and you may not be completely wrong about since you are the only person wearing your shoes. However, it can help you feel better to reach out for mental support. During your confinement, your nanny is one of the closest people who will be by your side. 

Hence, try to confide in your nanny when you feel like some things are tough to face alone. Majority of confinement nannies are mothers themselves, so they are most likely able to understand the hardships you are going through. 

All in all, we cannot stress enough how important your postpartum recovery is. It matters as much as your newborn’s growth. If you are getting a confinement nanny, make sure you also understand what you can get and learn from it. Whether you are planning to hire a full-time or part time confinement nanny, they will certainly do you a favour in one way or another!