Confinement Nanny Tips: Why Baby Wakes Up At Night

There are several reasons why babies wake up at night, which can be a source of worry for parents. Some common reasons include hunger, gas, or adjusting to their sleep schedule. In this blog post, we will explore these reasons and discuss how hiring a confinement nanny can help you navigate the challenges of these nocturnal awakenings. 

Specifically, we will highlight the benefits of hiring a confinement nanny from a reputable agency like PEM and showcase Singapore customers’ confinement nanny reviews.

Reasons Why Babies Wake Up At Night


Newborns have small stomachs and need frequent feedings, which often means waking up during the night for a feed. This is entirely normal, and parents should be prepared for these midnight hunger pangs.

Gas or Colic

Some babies suffer from gas or colic, which can lead to pain and discomfort, causing them to wake up at night. Ensuring your baby is well-fed and regularly burped can help alleviate this issue.

Sleep Schedule

Newborns are not born with a fully developed circadian rhythm, so adjusting to a regular sleep schedule might take some time. Babies may continue to wake at night until they establish a more routine sleep pattern.


The pain and discomfort of teething can interrupt a baby’s sleep and cause them to wake up in the middle of the night.

Growth Spurts

Babies may wake more frequently during growth spurts due to increased hunger or discomfort.


Sudden or loud noises can startle babies awake. Keeping their sleep environment as quiet as possible may help them sleep better.


Babies who are unwell may wake up more frequently due to discomfort or difficulty breathing, especially if they have a stuffy nose or fever.

Temperature Changes

Some babies are sensitive to temperature changes, and being too hot or cold can lead to poor sleep quality and waking at night.

Separation Anxiety

At the same time, babies can develop separation anxiety around six to eight months of age and may wake up at night seeking comfort from a parent.

Sleep Associations

Besides, babies may have trouble falling back asleep if they rely on specific sleep associations, such as being rocked or fed to sleep. Helping them learn to self-soothe can reduce nighttime wake-ups.

Confinement Nanny Tips: Why Baby Wakes Up At Night

How a Confinement Nanny Can Help?

Confinement Nanny Sleeping Arrangement

Hiring a confinement nanny can significantly ease the burden of night-time newborn care. 

With a suitable confinement nanny sleeping arrangement, parents can have the PEM nanny sleep in the same room or a separate room with the newborn, providing the necessary care and attention when the baby wakes up at night. 

This assistance allows parents to have a peaceful night’s sleep and focus on their own rest and recovery.

Trained and Experienced Assistance

Confinement nannies from a reputable agency like PEM are well-trained and experienced in newborn care, which is essential in providing the best care for your baby. They also receive ongoing training and assessments, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest best practices in newborn care.

Support and Guidance in Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be a challenging experience for new mothers, especially during the night. A confinement nanny can provide valuable assistance and guidance in breastfeeding, ensuring that both mother and baby are well-nourished and comfortable.

By hiring a PEM confinement nanny, parents can access numerous benefits and support to help them navigate through the challenges of night-time baby care. Many parents have also shared their positive experiences in confinement nanny review Singapore, highlighting the high-quality care and support provided by PEM nannies.

Choosing Between a Freelance Confinement Nanny and an Agency

When it comes to hiring a confinement nanny, parents might consider hiring a freelance confinement nanny Singapore. While there are potential benefits to this choice, parents should consider the advantages of working with a reputable agency like PEM. Some benefits include:

  • Assurance of quality care: PEM nannies undergo extensive training and assessments, ensuring they are well-equipped to provide the best care for your baby.
  • Paperwork and administrative support: The agency assists with the required paperwork and permits, streamlining the hiring process and making it easier for parents.
  • Replacement guarantee: PEM offers up to two free replacements in case the assigned nanny does not meet the family’s needs.


Understanding the reasons why babies wake up at night, and how hiring a confinement nanny can help is essential for new parents. 

By considering the benefits of working with a reputable agency like PEM and having a look at confinement nanny review Singapore, parents can make a more informed decision when hiring a confinement nanny to support them during this challenging period.

More importantly, you will also get the quality sleep your body needs!