Caring For The Mother’s Well-Being After Birth

Pregnancy is a fascinating and eye-opening phenomenon to deal with in the life of married individuals, be it your or your spouse’s first pregnancy or third. Pregnancy and labour can be especially overwhelming for your wife, so her wellbeing during this stage should always be deemed as your priorities.

It is not going to be easy, it will be a tiring affair, but such are the challenges and beauty of parenthood.

However, do think about this again, she can’t get pregnant on her own, and just as in pregnancy, the aftercare takes two to tango. Husbands and dads, this is your guide to your partner’s wellbeing after her pregnancy.

Be Honest About Your Feelings

Lads, we understand that men are generally not as expressive as the opposite gender in showing our emotions. However, do try to make an exception for this case. Always communicate and be there for her.

The worst thing for a woman at this point is to feel that she is alone in going through this pregnancy. At the same time, encourage her to communicate, encourage her to let you know of her difficulties and issues.

Do note that it is common for couples to bicker here and there and that is to be expected.

Be Practical, Be Prepared Pregnancy and birth are no laughing matter. While you might be tempted to joke around just to lighten the mood, your partner could do with a more sensible version of you.

Pregnancy and postnatal care are serious subjects that must be treated with delicate care and with the utmost preparations. Having a supportive and understanding partner will have a positive impact on the parents wellbeing.

With that in mind, get her the best preparations or the best your budget can get. Hire a confinement nanny to help her out if you are unable to be there.

Aside from taking care of your partner and newborn, a professional confinement nanny would be able to share baby care tips for new moms.

Moreover, you can also tend to her by getting her relevant product or items that she might need. Plus, you can also learn more about healthy parenting tips to help out with nighttime feeding and take care of the baby.

This will help the mom out during the confinement period when she is supposed to rest.

Acknowledge Her Feelings

We have said this, and we will say it again. Your partner needs you, now, more than ever. Listen to her, acknowledge what she is going through and never discredit her struggles. She carried your child and went through the hard work of labour.

It was because of this process, her body experienced dramatic changes and hormonal imbalance. As a result, mothers might be a little difficult to deal with during her confinement period.

Don’t be upset or take it to heart, in fact, validate her feelings and reassure her that it is normal to feel that way. This then brings us to the next point…

Reassure Her

By constant reassurance, we don’t mean in the emotional sense only. Most households face an unstable period during the wife’s confinement period due to the lack of financial stability. Why? You would need more money to cater to your newborn.

Milk, rations, diapers and other newborn related matters don’t come cheap. Hence, it is a no brainer to imply that the process of her postpartum recovery would be made easier with the presence of adequate financial means.

In this sense, your partner would definitely be more relaxed and less stressed knowing that she is reassured about the household financial ability and how it would play out during such turbulent times.

Provide Continuous Support

For her, there is nothing more annoying than having to ask for help every two hours. As married couples, you, the husband should know more about her than everyone else. Memorise her routines, take note of her non-verbal cues, help her without being asked.

This doesn’t only make her daily routines easier, but it also increases intimacy between the two of you. Help her with her chores, sometimes, a postpartum body might not be able to function as well as its prenatal self.

Alternate with her on laundries, take over her work while she rests. At times, your wife would need help to carry heavy things or her groceries and you wouldn’t want her to get hurt.

Lend her your strength, this would definitely improve your relationship as time passes and both of you get to have a short but sweet quality time together.

A happy marriage doesn’t only consist of honeymoons, it also stems out from both spouses’ ability to rise and work their way together. One of the good parenting tips are to be educated, be ready in embracing her changes.

Be Prepared to Deal with Her Physical Changes

There will be a couple of changes that happen to your partner’s body postpartum and sometimes you might even be surprised or panic to see them bleed heavily right after delivery. Some husbands don’t even know that their wife would bleed for days or even weeks!

Therefore, it is essential to be ready in handling the physical changes to her body. Get her a few loose-fitting clothes, perhaps some spare or loose panties for her to go through her period.

When these changes happen, it is very easy to let shock overpowers you and you might be left dumbfounded. It is okay to be surprised, you are only human. However, you will need to make sure that it doesn’t get to you as this will only upset your partner.

All in all, a marriage takes two to tango, and two to make it work. You wouldn’t have a family without her and she wouldn’t have made it through without you. It is high time for you to step up as the man of the house, for your partner, and for your newborn child.

Always be patient, be more tolerant, and love her fully during her difficult hours. We will leave you with one of our favourite quotes from the past:

“Happy wife, happy life”

Closing words

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