Can Pre-Natal Massages Ease The Pain Of Giving Birth?

During pregnancy, prenatal massages can be of great help in not only getting rid of your body discomforts but also relieving pain during childbirth. Prenatal massages are getting famous in recent years in Singapore as they are said to be able to provide both relaxation as well as reduction in labour pain.

Prenatal massage is similar to your typical massage—the only difference is that it uses gentle pressure instead of deep pressure to help relax larger areas of the body. This type of massage is specialized to accommodate pregnant women and the continuous changes in their bodies during pregnancy.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, availing of a prenatal massage service helps in alleviating body pain due to pregnancy in various ways. Confinement nannies are commonly trained to perform such massages to pregnant women. Since they are given specialized training for the different massage techniques, they are knowledgeable enough to know where a pregnant woman is the sorest, and they focus on that particular area. 

Aside from that, a professional and skilled confinement nanny would also know which areas she should avoid. Now, let’s look into the connection between massage and pain reduction during pregnancy!

How Prenatal Massages Relieve Pain During Delivery

With pregnancy putting quite a strain and stress towards a mother’s body, learn how prenatal massages can truly ease the pain of giving birth.

Prenatal Massages Help in Stabilising Pregnancy Hormones

Hormones are at their peak during pregnancy and sometimes, they go wild. A good massage can help in re-balancing and maintaining its levels in equilibrium. These hormones are usually responsible for the emotions felt by pregnant women—they can feel anxious, nervous, happy, or overwhelmed just within a specific span of time. 

Prenatal massages can help ease these emotions by regulating them and help them circulate properly within the body, keeping a pregnant woman calm as much as possible.

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It Helps in Proper Circulation of Blood

Massages aid in blood circulation. It promotes equal distribution of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body as well. A good maternity massage also helps in reducing the risk of common pregnancy complications such as haemorrhoids and varicose veins, as massages stimulate the flow of blood in both veins and arteries.

It Nourishes the Baby

Since massages stimulate the flow of blood, it is likely that the uterus and the placenta will get adequate nutrients because of good blood flow. During pregnancy, blood volume increases to about 60% of the normal amount in the pre-pregnancy state. If there is sufficient supply to all the organs, aside from those that are necessary for pregnancy, the baby will also have adequate nutrition and oxygenation in-utero.

Types of Massage During Pregnancy

The pregnant woman can receive different types of massages depending on her therapeutic or relaxation needs. These are the most common treatments that pregnant women can choose.

Therapeutic massage in pregnancy: this type of treatment is aimed at relieving some of the most frequent pain, such as those caused by muscle contractures or sciatica . This condition is very common in pregnancy, a consequence of inflammation of the sciatic nerve; it produces severe pain in the lower back, which can spread to the rest of the leg. Massaging the affected areas relieves pain and helps reduce muscle tension.

Circulatory massage: it can be performed from the fourth month of pregnancy to activate the pregnant woman’s circulation and thus prevent problems related to fluid retention. The masseur will affect, above all, the extremities, especially the lower (legs) which is where there is a greater risk of swelling and heaviness due to the circulatory alterations that occur during pregnancy.

Relaxing massage: the stress or anxiety that affects many women during pregnancy can be eliminated or, at least, reduced with an accurate massage that helps to relax the body and mind of the future mother; especially when enjoyed in a quiet and welcoming environment. The woman can receive either a generic body massage (which includes different areas) or a manipulation on a specific part of the body, such as the head or feet.

Lymphatic drainage in pregnant women: this physiotherapeutic massage technique is indicated for pregnant women who suffer from excess fluid retention during pregnancy. Specialists recommend it in the last stages of pregnancy, when the symptoms of swelling – which occur, especially in the feet and ankles – are very uncomfortable for the pregnant woman and even prevent her from maintaining normal daily activity. Drainage consists of massaging the affected areas to channel the retained fluid into the bloodstream and, thus, facilitate its elimination by natural means.

Precautions for Future Mothers

  • Consult your gynaecologist for the possibility of receiving a massage, even if it is the best prenatal massage Singapore moms can find. They are better than anyone in assessing the specific circumstances of a to-be mother and determining if there is any risk to be aware of.
  • Always use an accredited specialist like maternity massage Singapore and a centre that complies with the safety and hygiene measures necessary for this type of treatment.   
  • It is advisable to go for a home prenatal massage service or agency that allows access to an extensive list of professional confinement nannies in our country and to perform a search by population in which they practise.  
  • Wait until the second trimester of pregnancy to receive the first massages. It is a preventive measure to avoid the risks associated with the first most delicate stage of pregnancy.   
  • Ask the specialist about postural corrections, healthy habits and relaxation techniques that the woman can do at home.  
  • You can go to one of the specialized prenatal massage centres that exist in some cities, where they specifically attend to the needs of the pregnant woman. Or more conveniently you can hire the best home prenatal massage close to you. For instance, if you are in Singapore, you can hire the service of a home prenatal massage Singapore.
  • Specialists advise pregnant women to receive massages in a side-lying or sitting position.

Perineal Massage in Pregnancy

In addition to the techniques listed, specialists in obstetric physiotherapy recommend that pregnant women perform massages and stretching of the perineal area from the 35th week of gestation. As shown in the scientific research collected in the Cochrane review ‘Prepartum perineal massage to reduce perineal trauma‘, women who use this technique prior to delivery “are 15% less likely to require an episiotomy (incision in the area perineum) during delivery”.

Perineal massage should be done once or twice a week and should not exceed five minutes. To avoid incorrect maneuvers, the most advisable thing is for the expectant mother to request information from the midwife or other specialists who participate in the preparation for childbirth.

It is always of utmost importance to consider availing a prenatal massage done only by a professional confinement nanny to ensure the safety of both you and your child. You can locate a confinement centre in Singapore that offers services like this which you can avail together for an extra fee with the original packages offered when hiring a confinement nanny. 

Should you ever feel the need to avail a prenatal massage service, also keep in mind to be responsible enough and inform your therapist or the confinement nanny which area you need the most attention.

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