Aims and Objectives of Postnatal Care

Carrying a pregnancy to full term requires intense care and close monitoring. It is a delicate stage and so much can go wrong. Though there is a global decline in foetal deaths for both the mother and the baby, the figures are still high. Conceiving is one thing and keeping the pregnancy is yet another. Your biology teacher must have made this process look so much easy; easier than taking a glass of water. However, the truth is that it is not what you think. Yes, the sperm and the ova will meet after a sexual relationship and a baby is formed, and that’s it.

What your teacher did not say is that is so much that goes on after that fusion for a successful pregnancy and the general wellbeing of the mother. Once the baby is finally born, the care gets a notch high to sustain the life of the mother and that of the baby.

Postnatal care is what determines the kind of journey you will have and even the health of your baby. You should start attending your postnatal clinic as directed by your doctor for a healthy baby. In case you have no idea why post natal care is compulsory, here are the aims and objectives of this essential process.

Support the mother for an easy transition

You require support and guidance during your postnatal period. Once the baby is born, the mother may feel overwhelmed due to the new roles. You are likely to feel inadequate and even start doubting your maternal abilities. When your baby cries uncontrollably, you require the assurance from an expert that you are doing everything humanly possible for your baby. Postnatal services offer you the necessary support for the transition and acceptance of the new family member.

For early diagnosis and treatment of any complications

Your baby could have congenital problems that if undetected may lead to poor development or even death. During your postnatal care, the experts will examine your baby for such abnormalities and advise on the way forward and early treatment. They will also monitor you for any complications associated with childbirth or medical negligence and rectify on time.

For nutritional guidance

Since you will be caring for the dietary needs of your baby, you require the right diet. Your body too requires replenishing all the lost nutrients. The baby is taking all substantial amount of nutrients from your body. If you do not replace them, you will feel weak and emaciated. A nutritionist will guide on the right confinement recipes that will help you recover and increase milk production. You will also get guidance on how to wean your baby after the six months of exclusive breastfeeding.

Guidance on breastfeeding

Contrary to common belief, lactating is not easy and will not kick off naturally. You will experience challenges, especially during the first few weeks. If you have no professional help, you may lose your head. Poor latching methods will make your baby chew on the nipple and leave it sore, and the thought of breastfeeding your baby will make you want to run away. During your postnatal care, lactating experts will guide you on the best position to hold your baby while feeding and how to help her latch well. Poor potions during latching will cause your baby to take in excess gas leading to stomach upsets. You will also be guided on the right confinement meal in Singapore and how to prepare it to boost milk production.

Guide on contraception and family planning

During the confinement period, sexual activity is prohibited to allow for healing. Doctors recommend at least six weeks of abstinence or whenever you feel physically and psychologically ready. Once you resume your sexual activity, contraception will be necessary. Your doctor will guide you on the best one to use depending on your hormonal profile. You will also be guided on how to space your children, though this may be a personal decision especially if you have no health complications or fertility issues.

Postnatal care is quite important, and you cannot skip it. Remember your baby requires immunisation, and this can only happen during the postnatal care. Attend all sessions to understand all the milestones of your baby.

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