5 Valuable Motherhood Lessons You Can Learn From a Confinement Nanny

Ever thought back to your own mother taking care of you growing up and now, with all your years, look back on those memories and think – “How exactly did she do everything?

A confinement nanny is just like that – a highly specialised professional with extensive training. They have undergone many tests and have thoroughly been evaluated. This combination means that they are sensitive to and are able to understand the needs of new mothers as well as newborns. 

Not only do her tasks differ from those of a domestic helper, but she also comes with a mental library full of knowledge and experience.

So, while you have a confinement nanny to assist you and your family, make the most of it and go along with the great learning experience.

Here are the top 5 most valuable motherhood lessons we suggest you can learn from a confinement nanny.

1. It’s okay to ask for help

Parents, especially new parents, can be quite self-conscious when it comes to requesting help. They place it on themselves to have to know everything and do the right thing when, in fact, we are all still trying to figure out life.

This gets compounded by the endless waves of questions and judgement they potentially face when actually asking for help. 

It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to admit that you’ve not got everything figured out. It’s alright to need some assistance every now and then. 

Think about it this way, if you spoke up and asked for help, you’d get some guidance from someone who has been there and made the mistakes before. You can learn from them and either learn what to do, or what not to do. This is assuming that you actually asked someone like our confinement nannies and not someone who is equally as new a parent as you are.

2. Newborn care takes practice and patience

Speaking of knowing what to do and what not to do, taking care of newborn babies will put your aptitude for being patient into overdrive. At which point, you either roll with it, or you get overwhelmed.

This, just as not knowing if what you’re doing is right in the above paragraph, is completely normal. We reiterate the point – newborn care takes a whole lot of practice and patience. There’s the crying, the worry about them putting all sorts of things into their mouth, the worry about whether you’re feeding them enough, the worry when they actually fall sick, the list goes on.

Once more, just as in the point above, knowing when to ask for help as well as knowing who to ask help from are vital for not just your well-being, but for your child too. Who better to ask than one of our extensively trained nannies who are veritable experts in newborn care, and can provide you with all the guidance that comes with their years of experience.

3. Communication is important

Let’s be honest. How many of you reading this now have, at some point in your lives, thought that open and honest communication is important? This could be something you either said during the courtship or dating phase, and we’re here to let you know that it’s right and applies to everything.

Why is this important? Surely, this should be obvious. You need to communicate your needs in order for them to be met. Everyone has different values and requirements which makes it difficult to have a one size fits all or cookie cutter approach to every issue.

Therefore, whether it be towards your spouse, your child, your family, your friends, or even our confinement nanny, clear and open communication can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary conflict as well as help you nurture healthy, long-lasting relationships.

4. There’s no one right way of being a mother

Expounding on the previous point about everybody having different needs and expectations, likewise, there’s no one right way of being a mother.

Let’s get this out there in the open right now – cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, individual preferences, geographical location, everything can affect and influence how a person does something as well as their personal outlook on life.

That said, were you to look at another parent and how they interact with their child, you might find it ‘otherworldly’ simply because it might have been something you were not exposed to in your own upbringing. This does not mean that they are wrong.

For instance, some mothers may find breastfeeding suits them while others may find bottle-feeding works better. Some mothers may want to hire a confinement nanny and some may want to enlist grandma’s help. To each their own and every mother’s circumstances as well as priorities are different. We reiterate – there’s no one right way of being a mother.

At the end of the day, what matters is that both you and your child are healthy and well, in spirit, mind, and body.

5. Make time for yourself

Heard of the phrase “me-time”? It’s when you get some time away from everything and everyone to recharge and take stock of your mental well-being.

The thing is, at this stage of life, with a baby or kid, it’s somewhat difficult and you kinda have to always be there for them.

This is where we go back to the trusty confinement nanny, at least during the first month or so after your delivery. Since this is the most crucial time for you to get rest and recuperate in addition to getting used to your babycare routine.

With that, you’ll at least ensure that you get sufficient time and space to better recover and can bond with your little one when you are fully charged!

Closing words

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While most parents may worry at first about things like the confinement nanny sleeping arrangement, they’ll soon find that our nannies are there to make their lives much easier.So, with that, we think you’re pretty much done with Googling for “confinement agency Singapore” or “confinement nanny agency Singapore” because we got everything you’ll need for your confinement – a real-life, professionally trained, and highly experienced confinement nanny with an abundance of motherhood lessons you can bring with you the rest of your life…and even pass on to your children one day!