5 Things That Made Confinement Easier For Our Generation

We live in a convenient generation where almost everything is pretty attainable and things are made easier. It is no different for the confinement period. Years ago, resources were not particularly scarce, but amenities were for sure not as within reach as they are now. We should count our lucky stars and be appreciative of what we have today. Not only is technology and medical knowledge on childbirth so extensive now, but the confinement period has also benefitted from advancements in those fields as well. 


On that note, let us see what has made confinement easier for our generation.


Remember the time when there was no internet? Or when the internet was just starting out and loading anything was at a snail’s pace? Well, things sure have changed. How often do you go without using the internet now? Or rather, do we even turn it off now? It is so widely used today that we use it for almost everything; messaging, watching dramas, going on social media, reading, shopping, and so many more. 


The internet has made it easier for confinement in the sense that we can do research about confinement practices and diets at any time. And when we’re bored during confinement, how easy is it to just watch a movie or listen to an audiobook on the phone as entertainment? Things are so much more convenient and accessible thanks to the internet.


Communication is of extreme importance during confinement, whether it is to contact your husband, your doctor, your family, or anyone at all, be it for emergencies or otherwise. Gone are the days where we had to rely on payphones or pagers. Payphones are virtually unused and are slowly disappearing from the public eye, while pagers are non-existent now. Even our house phones are rarely used. Our smartphones are our lifeline now and we bring it wherever we go because we use it for so many things in our daily lives, not just for communication anymore. 


The myths that come with confinement are plenty; not being able to shower, wash your hair, read, cry, drink plain water, go outside – the list goes on. With education, whether direct or indirect, we have come to learn that many of these myths are, well, myths, and many of them have been debunked by actual studies or research, so we do not need to blindly follow them. Take for instance:-

– Don’t shower

The belief: Cold water on the skin will cause “wind” to enter the body and make the body susceptible to a variety of illnesses in the future.

The reality: Cleanliness should not be compromised. Personal hygiene is needed to ensure clean wounds to promote healing and to prevent infections.

– Don’t drink plain water

The belief: Drinking plain water will lead to water retention and lower body temperature which will allow “wind” to enter the body and bring illnesses in the future.

The reality: Hydration is a must, particularly so if breastfeeding. So, nursing mothers should drink a little more than the daily recommendation to compensate for the loss of liquid.

Confinement Centre

Traditionally, the confinement period was always done at home. But today, we have the option of that or going through it at a confinement centre. Confinement centres are almost like a safe haven for mother and child as everything you will need during confinement is there. From nutritious food to baby care, caregivers and confinement nannies at Singapore confinement centre are topnotch at their services and strive to give you the best care for smooth recovery. That said, if you are looking for more privacy and more personalised one-to-one care throughout your confinement, we would recommend you to hire a stay-in confinement nanny instead.

Confinement Nanny

Confinement Nanny with New Mom - PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

In the past, confinement nannies were meant just for looking after the mother in confinement while taking care of the newborn, and had knowledge that was passed down or learned from experience. Today, confinement nannies take on more tasks such as laundry, cooking, breastfeeding guidance, newborn care guidance, and many more. In fact, many are professionally trained by agencies before they are allowed to take on a customer. Which is why the safest way to hire a Chinese confinement nanny is through an agency like PEM Confinement Nanny Agency. All you have to do is go through our confinement lady review to learn about our past customers’ experience with us, and you’ll see why we are the confinement nanny agency that you should go with. Learn more about our service now!