5 Signs You Will Need a Confinement Nanny after Giving Birth

The first few weeks after delivery is a delicate time for a mother, but they are still expected to take care of their newborn and provide enough milk.

Talk about real life mission impossible. If new mothers were to take care of their baby and feed them, those two things should be the only ‘work’ they do.

Forget the house chores and do not even think about stepping into the kitchen to prepare meals for anyone. This is the time for you to rest, recuperate, and rejuvenate. The delivery is not called labour for nothing. It takes a toll on both your physical and mental states, so taking your sweet time to heal is well beyond necessary at this point.

Then again, where and how do you begin to take care of yourself after giving birth? One of the most common steps taken by new moms to recover after delivery is by hiring a confinement nanny.

You may be wondering to yourself whether you are truly in need of a confinement nanny, or if you can manage all of this on your own.

Typically, there are a few common reasons given by a new mom in regards to why they decided to opt for a confinement nanny.

If you have the same reasons, you may want to get a confinement nanny’s help as well.

On that note, here are 5 telling signs that you will desperately need a confinement nanny after giving birth.

  • You want to focus on recovering well
  • You have other small kids
  • You have a particular and hard-to-please appetite
  • You want to keep your house organised
  • You want to ensure that your infant is well taken care of
  • You want to focus on recovering well

The reality is that recovering from childbirth may be more difficult than what you originally expected, especially if you have no helping hand around the house at all.

If you are an inexperienced (and, usually, first-time) parent, you will soon realise that taking care of an infant while trying to recover from childbirth can be pretty challenging.

A newborn requires constant care and attention with different types of cries to distinguish their needs. If they need feeding, you will be the one to get off the bed to feed them.

If you are constantly having to step out of the bed by a fussy tot, how much time will you actually have left to rest and recover?

You have other small kids

This is not your first birth? Then you’d need a helping hand even more because now your workload is increased to at least three things; taking care of yourself, taking care of your baby, and taking care of your other kid(s). It can be even more taxing if your other kids are still young and need constant attention as well.

In these circumstances, it would be better to get your partner to take care of them most of the time. This will greatly ease your early postnatal life when what you should mostly be doing is lying in bed trying to recuperate.

But what if your partner will not always be around throughout your early postnatal life? Plus, if your partner is occupied with taking care of your older babies, who will take care of you and your infant?

All of you; yourself, your newborn, and your other kids need different caregivers. Since it is quite impossible for one person to look after everyone at the same time, a confinement nanny will do wonders for your family.

A well-equipped confinement nanny can monitor both you and your newborn, making sure you have all your needs tended to.

You have a particular and hard-to-please appetite

Someone needs to prepare your everyday meals that are in line with a new mother’s healthy and balanced diet, and it should not be you.

Have someone else prepare them for you. If you leave it to your partner, your mother, or your mother-in-law to do the cooking throughout your confinement period, it may be hard to let them know that you do not find their food palatable. After all, it is ingrained into our Eastern philosophy, this concept of ‘saving face’.

With someone you hire, on the other hand, you can easily talk to them about it and request for certain items or elements that you would like to have in your meals. It is especially wise to get a confinement nanny if no one in the house knows how to prepare proper confinement meals.

You want to keep your house organised

…but you are not big on the idea of regularly cleaning the floor or organizing things right after giving birth.

Honestly, who would be? Household chores are pretty much the last thing that new parents would want to deal with, especially considering the presence of a newborn in your house.

Still, no one enjoys the sight of their laundries mounting up.

Some parents may decide not to buy a lot of clothes for their newborn since they would outgrow them pretty quickly.

If you are like this as well, you have to consider when to wash those mini-me clothes (keep in mind that they need to be hand-washed) and more importantly, WHO will be doing it.

A confinement nanny can regularly hand-wash your newborn’s laundry on a daily basis (make sure to confirm this part with your nanny). She will also take care of your laundry, and if the only other family member staying with you is your partner, she may volunteer to wash your partner’s laundry as well.

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You want to ensure that your infant is well taken care of

…but you are worried that you would not get enough rest to recover from childbirth. Or perhaps there is no other present elder family member around who is experienced enough to help you with it. In that case, it would be wise to reach out for help from the professionals who are trained to handle newborns.

Be careful to not confuse babysitters for these types of experts. Babysitters do not necessarily have the knowledge and skills to deal with newborns and are mostly used to taking care of older babies.

Plus, sometimes parents leave their little one with the babysitter so they can be elsewhere and the babysitter will take care of everything, from feeding to bathing them.

With a newborn, the baby would most probably rely on breastfeeding and not one from other sources, so the presence of their mother around is important.

At that point, you would also still be in the confinement or early postnatal period where you need to get more rest to recover from the delivery. The best way to handle it is by leaving it to the hands of a professional.

Closing Words

There are a lot of reasons and tell-tale signs for getting a confinement nanny, and we believe you have also found at least one that is similar to yours from what we have listed above.

Whether you wish to focus on recovering well or you would like to keep things in your house organised, a confinement nanny can do wonders in your life and place.

All in all, to a new mother, a postnatal nanny can be many things; from the personal cook to the most supportive companion – which is why “day time confinement nanny” is such a popular search term…they are, after all, among the best companions you could have after delivery. So, if you are intrigued about looking for a confinement lady in Singapore, swing by our homepage today to learn more about our add-ons and packages!

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