5 Reasons Why Mothers Deserve a Confinement Nanny

Sometimes in life, you just need a helping hand. Life is better when you can count on someone reliable in your life. This is especially true for mothers. Mothers are truly heroic people, carrying their children and raising them for a good part of their lives. However, why should mothers bear this responsibility all by themselves?

Having a dedicated helper like a confinement nanny will definitely make a mother’s confinement journey easier and more pleasant. Going for Singapore nanny services for mummies during confinement is a must. If you are not already convinced, here’s why you do deserve a confinement nanny to assist you in this vital period of your life.

Giving birth is a tiring ordeal

After giving birth, all mothers just need some time off to recuperate, repair, and rest. This period is called the confinement period. If you feel more tired than you usually do, it is because of postpartum fatigue.

This is because right before giving birth, women go into labour, which is an extremely rigorous process that will leave even the most energetic individuals exhausted. Physical stress aside, new mothers are also prone to experiencing emotional stress and also lack of sleep.

Less strain on the mother

When you hire our confinement nannies, they are fully dedicated to you for the duration of their stay. They do chores including laundry and sweeping the floor twice a week for the mummy, taking a lot of chores off your hands.

These are some of the chores that a nanny would do for you: 24-hour baby care, domestic chores, guidance and advice for the confinement period, laundry for both mother and baby, cooking confinement food, brewing herbal confinement tonics, confinement herbal bath, and providing professional breastfeeding advice, depending on your choice of package. And those are 8 things crossed off your to-do list.

Makes time management easier

Most women in modern times are taking charge of their own lives, and have jobs and careers that demand time and attention. Having a baby could make it slightly more difficult to manage time as caring for a baby is time-consuming.

However, this should not mean mothers have to sacrifice or delay their ambitions and dreams just because of having a baby. After all, babies are a blessing, and should only make parent’s lives better.

By having a nanny, a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on chores and caring for the baby’s every need would be freed up. Seize the opportunity to either get some well-deserved rest or start working on your career or even yourself. Remember, having a baby is the beginning of a new journey, not the end of your career!

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Allows mothers to focus on recovery

The confinement period focuses on achieving one main thing for mothers: Recovery. While it is inevitable that mothers will have to care for their babies to some degree, there is also a lot that a confinement nanny can help with. Caring for a child can be quite taxing emotionally. Children often require attention and help from adults.

This, coupled with the stress from daily life, makes for a draining life and could hamper the recovery of mothers, making confinement less effective. Without the stress present, the mother’s body is able to pool its resources to repair the body and return to pre-pregnancy shape more quickly.

Our confinement nannies are also trained in cooking confinement food and drinks, hence providing a nutritional yet delicious boost to your path back to pre-pregnancy glory.

Professional advice

It is impossible for a new mother to have all knowledge of caring for both themselves and their baby, especially if it is their first pregnancy and birth. Why worry about not knowing what to do, when our confinement nannies are vastly knowledgeable regarding not only baby care but also mother care.

Every mother has different needs as well. Unlike a google search, a nanny lives alongside the mother and baby, giving them intimate care while learning their own unique needs. This enables our nannies to provide the best and personalised care and advice that otherwise would be impossible to obtain.

Closing Words

Book an appointment with us now and brace yourself for pleasant confinement and also a speedy recovery. Now, you can go back to taking on life, head on!

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