5 Benefits of a Confinement Herbal Package for New Mothers

Let’s imagine the following scene – you’re in confinement. You are recuperating and recovering from delivering your baby. Our confinement nanny is helping you with your little one. However, something feels missing. Yeah, we know we didn’t mention anything about your husband, but that’s not it. No, you think to yourself that this confinement is a bit uneventful (not that you’d want it to be all that exciting and filled with drama either, mind you), there’s got to be more to the experience that can make this time enjoyable instead of just bearable, right?

Well, you are not wrong there. While our PEM Confinement Agency nannies are expertly trained and highly professional, there’s still that extra bit that you can add to your confinement that will give you that added bit of comfort and elevate the entire confinement experience.

That’s why in today’s article, we’ll be looking at these things called “Confinement Herbal Packages”. 

As usual, we always have to start by asking ourselves – what exactly are these packages?

What is a Confinement Herbal Package

There might be some confusion here in that people may not actually know what a confinement herbal package really is about. Very simply put, it’s a bunch of herbs that is put in a package that you can buy which helps you supplement your healing or soothes your body while you are in confinement.

This brings up an important question – why are herbs important?

Why are herbs important

Herbs are one of the core elements found in confinement. If you hire a confinement nanny, you may be given a confinement herbs list that you would need to prepare before their arrival or during their service period. These herbs each have health benefits for a new mother recovering from childbirth. Some of the common confinement herbs Singapore moms love which you would most likely have come across in your confinement as well are the red dates, longans, wolfberries, and black fungus.

If you’ve looked through our site before, you’ll notice that we have three types of confinement herbal packages.

There’s the Red Date Tea, Confinement Herbal Tonics Soup, and the Confinement Herbal Bath. Let’s take a closer look at these three in turn.

Red Dates Tea

Ah, the legend that is red dates tea. It is an essential and iconic confinement drink recommended by TCM practitioners as mums are weakened generally after delivery. Red dates tea, packed with vitamins, iron, and minerals, helps improve Qi, boost blood circulation and immune systems. It is also said to be a suitable replacement for water intake during confinement.

Herbal Tonic Soup

During the postpartum period, there are four different stages in which the soup is specially formulated to meet the nutrient requirements of the mother. According to TCM practitioners, the confinement diet should be adjusted at each stage to restore her health during the confinement month. The herbs are freshly picked and conveniently packed into individual packets for each day’s confinement soup, saving the hassle for the confinement nanny and the family.

Confinement Herbal Bath

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A woman loses large amounts of “Qi” and blood during childbirth. This places her body in a “cold” phase. This “cold” phase leads to the accumulation of “wind” and weakens her body. According to TCM practitioners, it is important to restore the “Qi” and expel the excess “wind” during confinement to prevent the occurrence of “wind-dampness syndrome” (风湿 feng shi) in later age. This nifty Confinement Herbal Bath mainly helps the mother to expel wind, improve blood circulation and reduce after birth pain. It makes the mother feel more comfortable after bathing.

Wait, that’s not all! We’ve also gotten some questions from mummies regarding these confinement herbal packages. So, we thought we’d help enlighten everyone here today by including those frequently asked questions and our advice for them in the hopes that we’ll all leave here today having learnt more.

Frequently asked questions

How long should I consume herbal soups and drinks?

Ideally, you should have herbal soup and drinks every day in your confinement. The confinement period usually differs from one mother to another and can even be done for a longer time period based on individual preferences. As the common confinement period is one month among the Chinese community in Singapore, the confinement herbal package Singapore mothers generally opt for would also normally come in pre-measured packets that would last you for a month or roughly four weeks.

Should I take a herbal bath daily during confinement?

Traditionally, new mothers are advised to not bathe or wash their hair at all during the whole confinement period. It is believed that contact with water can cause issues like flu and cold as well as rheumatism later on. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting these. Plus, as you will be handling your newborn, you have to keep yourself clean at all times. Therefore, it is best to take a warm confinement herbal bath every day even when you are in confinement.

What herbs can I put in my bath?

With the long list of herbs available out there, it can be confusing to choose very few that can be beneficial for you, especially when trying to gather confinement bath herbs. Some of the best herbs to be included in your bath water include Fructus Viticis, Blumea Alsamifera, and lemongrass. Collectively, these herbs can be brewed and mixed with plain water to be made into your herbal bathwater. Apart from keeping your body warm, this herbal bath can expel wind from your body, improve blood circulation, and reduce body discomforts after birth. We have pre-packed herbal bath packets in our PEM confinement package, please feel free to talk to us or browse through our page to find out more about it.

Closing words

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Now, the only question that remains is – When are you going to add on a confinement herbal package to augment your PEM confinement nanny experience? You’ve read about our confinement herb add-on packages, but now, how about reading some of our confinement nanny review testimonials left by other satisfied mummies?

So, no matter if you are going through confinement or if you know a close friend who will be going through confinement, feel free to ring us up today at +65 6293 9249 and be sure to tell them to add on some confinement herbal packages as well!

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