4 Tips when Hiring a Confinement Nanny

Many to-be parents immediately dismiss the option of hiring a confinement lady in the planning stage as it is considered to be expensive and can drain their pockets. However, most of the time, this is not the case at all! In fact, hiring a confinement nanny has helped many new mothers save up in their postnatal care cost. 

For example, nannies from PEM Confinement Nanny Agency are trained to assist mothers in their breastfeeding experience. This has spared many mommies from spending further on services like lactation consultation. Plus, when the right confinement nanny is hired, they can be very supportive and helpful to you especially in the first few weeks after you gave birth.

Why Should You Get a Confinement Nanny?

Confinement nannies will not only help you look after your newborn baby but they also help feed the baby at night while you get your much-needed sleep. As you need to rest and recover from the birth, your needs will also be taken care of by them. 

Apart from cooking your daily confinement meals, they may also do some of the household chores for you including sweeping and mopping. Many mothers enjoy having confinement beverages and herbal soups, so these also are parts of your nanny’s daily duties. Last but not least, they can teach you some handy tricks and tips to make your life with a newborn baby so much easier.

If you are thinking of hiring a confinement nanny, here are four tips on selecting the best one for the job.

Look at Recommendations

Note that we said to look AT recommendations and not just look for them. Why? Because recommendations will tell you a lot, especially if you are a first-time expectant parent. By reading through various essay-long reviews and recommendations, it is easier for you to picture and anticipate life with a confinement nanny. From there, you can set some realistic expectations for how you would like things to go in your household! Make sure the recommendations are authentic and from a real parent.

Many countries like Singapore itself have agencies that help in selecting the right confinement nanny for a family depending on the parents’ finances, needs, and lifestyle. When browsing through the confinement agency selection, it is important to look thoroughly into what each of them offers. 

Agencies normally are able to provide you with replacement nannies if the one assigned to you is unable to perform her job. It would also be helpful to seek advice from your family and friends who have had a wonderful experience with confinement nanny. This way, you will know better what to expect once they arrive. 

Get to Know Your Nanny

Since there is an infant involved, it is important that you pay attention to the kind of person you bring around them, especially during the earliest stage of their life. Before making up your mind, consider how nurturing and caring the nanny is. As a new mother, you may have a preferred style of taking care of your newborn baby that is different from that of the nanny. This does not mean the nanny is completely unsuitable for you. As long as they can compromise and still fulfil your wants and needs, it should all work out regardless. After all, everyone only wants what is best for your child.

Always communicate with your nanny to avoid unnecessary conflict. If you are unable to talk to a nanny before starting their service, this is not a problem too. You can start to get to know them further after you two have met. Again, agencies will normally provide a number of replacements for you so if your first nanny is not up to your expectations, you can conveniently request for a substitute.

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Look Into How Much the Employment Costs

As mentioned before, the service of a confinement nanny may be considered high. Some nannies require a deposit before they begin their duties, and this has to be discussed beforehand and paid for by you. If they are of foreign nationality and require a work permit, you may have to visit the immigration office and get all the paperwork sorted out before the nanny begins work. An agency will usually settle this on your behalf. Of course, this does not apply to local citizens so they can begin work right away.

During your survey, you may realise that a confinement lady price can significantly vary from one person to another and this is very common, especially among freelancers. You can do your own research or talk to other experienced mothers to find out the regular rates. Once you have gotten an estimated range, you and your partner can make a decision together on how much are you able to spend on it.

Understand a Nanny’s Responsibilities

This goes for pretty much anything, but it has to be said so that you will not overlook it. A confinement nanny’s duties consist of many things encompassing both your and your newborn’s needs. Aside from newborn care, you can also rely on them to assist you with confinement care.

Of course, their job is not to be confused with a maid’s. While most confinement nannies are more than happy to help with the household chores, some are not open to doing that as they would prefer to focus on your recovery and your newborn’s caretaking. 

If this aspect is a dealbreaker to you, make sure to be clear on what the nanny’s duties are by speaking to her or her agency beforehand. If the nanny does not meet the requirements you are looking for, it is best to look for and hire another person.

A lot of trained nannies Singapore parents often hire are from agencies that are known to thoroughly train and teach their nannies. At PEM, for instance, we make sure our nannies are constantly receiving training on the latest knowledge or information that can help ease a parent’s life. If you need further help with your search for the right confinement nanny, feel free to reach us!