3 Common Fears Pregnant Women Have & How To Overcome Them

Being afraid in pregnancy is extremely common and almost all to-be mothers would experience it, especially if it is your first pregnancy.

Once the euphoria of the new pregnancy has passed, many questions may invade the minds of future mothers. You may wonder whether you can bear the pain of childbirth, and you might even question yourself – if you are really ready to raise a child. These fears are common – even legitimate for some, but we are here to reassure you that you can avoid anxiety in pregnancy!

Almost every pregnant woman undergoes this phase of uncertainty and fear. That said, you should keep your fear at a manageable level. While you should prepare for delivery and take care of your soon-to-arrive baby, it is self-defeating to worry too much to the extent of getting depressed.

Fears During Pregnancy, Are They Normal? Are There Solutions?

In short, yes, they are completely normal. Why? Well, for a simple reason: you don’t know what happens inside your body.

For the 9 months of pregnancy, you experience many and varied changes and each stage brings with it many questions with their doubts and their corresponding fears.

Also, keep in mind that fear is a primary instinct that pushes you to protect the baby even before it is born — it is an innate survival tool in many living beings. So, you don’t have to be scared of being pregnant anxiety.

But let’s go over it step by step. The first and most important thing is to understand and accept that fears in pregnancy are not negative themselves.

The negative thing is to allow them to dominate your thinking to the point of constantly thinking about them, but if you try to normalize them and you talk about what worries you with the people around you, you will realize that all mothers go through the same fears.

Let’s see then in this post, what are the main fears when you are pregnant and how you can face each of them.

Most common fears in pregnancy and how to overcome them
There are many fears and every mother can live them in one way or another, but in general, the following are the most common fears when pregnant.

Will the Baby Be Normal?

The health of the baby is usually the first worry to creep into the mind of many pregnant women. Many prioritise going for an ultrasound scan immediately the foetus is recognisable. Although it is wise to know if there is any defect with your baby before delivery, this should not worry you so much.

There is little or nothing you can do to correct inborn defects. The best way to overcome such a fear is to know and believe that you are limited and you cannot control the course of nature.

Will I Carry the Baby to Term?

The first time you confirm that you’re pregnant the joy of having a child of your own can engulf your heart.

However, it does not take long to realise that a pregnancy does not always lead to a baby. A miscarriage can occur.

The most widespread of fears in the first weeks of pregnancy is related to miscarriage, and although there is a probability and it is normal to think about it, you should avoid resorting to that thought because it is simply not something you can control.

Should I Have the Fear of Miscarriage?

Many women have the fear of miscarriage and are always afraid of premature births. This can jeopardise the happiness of both expecting parents; not only the mother.

In addition, most women who have had the ordeal of miscariage before getting pregnant again carry it to term without any problem.

Of course, it is important that you carry out an exhaustive gestational control and follow all the indications of your doctors, nothing has to happen, but safety comes first.

At the back of your mind, you may know that it is not guaranteed that the pregnancy will be successful. This can cause a dark worry every time you think about the pregnancy.

To overcome this, again you need to believe that you can only do what you are capable of doing. You cannot control fate, and so if you take good care of yourself, you should relax and wait for safe delivery.

What Is the Delivery Process Like?

Everyone hates hospitals. It is unfortunate that for you to get your baby, you must pass through the hospital. Giving birth was a painful and dangerous process decades ago but thanks to the new medical technologies, this is no longer the case.

The pain is there, yes, but it is something you will overcome. Your doctor will be with you for you to enjoy a safe delivery.

If you need it, an experienced confinement nanny that you trust, she can also be there with you as you deliver your baby.

Tips to Control Your Fears During Pregnancy

Fears in pregnancy can be controlled. The pregnant woman should strive to reduce her fears and control her anxiety during pregnancy.

Fear and anxiety generate tension, which is very negative in all aspects of a woman’s life and, even more so, in pregnancy. We offer you some tips to help you control your fears.

Fears in pregnancy can be controlled, just as we control fear in the different spheres of our life, but with certain peculiarities, since during pregnancy the woman’s sensitivity is greater and that makes her more vulnerable.

So, if you have fears in pregnancy, we offer you some tips that can help you overcome them:

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Solve All Your Doubts About Pregnancy

Check with your gynaecologist or midwife about anything that is disturbing about the development of the foetus or about yourself.

This will help you to objectively assess the situations and risks that may exist. Sometimes fear makes us perceive situations that are not dangerous as dangerous.

Relaxation & Breathing Techniques

There are simple breathing and relaxation techniques that you can use and practise whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Learn them and repeat every day for a few minutes so that when the time comes that you really need to calm down, at least you have fully mastered the techniques.

Reduce Stress in Your Everyday Life as Much as Possible

Day-to-day stress (work problems, family worries, etc.) increases vulnerability to fear and anxiety. Try to keep your life as quiet as possible. Try to reduce or stay away from situations that can possibly upset you.

Spend Some Time Each Day Doing an Activity That You Like

It is very positive and should be normalised that every day you reserve a little time for yourself, which you use to do something you like. It could be simply reading a book, knitting, or even watching a TV series – and remember, do not feel guilty!

Express your doubts and concerns to your partner and close people.

You should not keep your worries and fears to yourself. Share them with your partner and family. Listen to their advice and opinions. When externalised, fears tend to diminish.

Remember that you are pregnant, that you will soon have your baby.
Experience the illusion and optimism of a new life that is brewing.


Pregnancy period is one of the most unpredictable phases of life.

To remain calm during the pregnancy period, it is vital to understand that there are things beyond your control and it is also very good to get a home prenatal massage as required and have faith that everything will go smoothly.

Prepare the necessary items and procedures that are within your control, such as choosing a nutritious confinement food menu for your healing period. The rest will naturally fall into their places.

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